Actions speak louder than words

Paul SupatI'd like to take a moment to talk about integrity. The things we say, and even more importantly, the things we do, are a direct reflection of our integrity and who we are, as individuals and as an organization.

Our goal every day is to lift up workers. This includes the sisters and brothers we work with within the Labor Movement and the members we are privileged to represent. It doesn't mean we win every grievance or get everything we want in each round of negotiations, but we put our best effort forward every time.

There will be times when you lose a campaign or when a meeting with an employer or member doesn't go as planned.  Wallowing over a negative outcome or blaming others for the results will often reflect more poorly on you. Acting with integrity means taking responsibility. Give an honest assessment and look at what you can do better the next time you have the opportunity.

When an employer violates the law or a section of the contract, we demonstrate integrity by addressing the situation, even when it's uncomfortable to do so. The same can apply to coworkers, and we can meet these challenges respectfully while still appropriately handling the situation. Your coworkers, and your adversaries, will respect you for having the conviction to do what's right.

Our work is often a team effort. We collaborate to accomplish goals. These collaborations can improve results, mean better agreements, or strengthening our position for the next opportunity. Give credit to your teammates where it's due, and you may find others more willing to help.

Be courageous in your professional life. We act in solidarity, not for our own betterment, but the betterment of all. We stand up to those who do wrong and for those who have no voice. We listen to what is said but place value in what is done.

As 2020 comes to a close, above all else, I wish you and your family a healthy new year. We will continue working together, facing new challenges and advancing the goals of our members'. We will work to ensure our actions speak louder than words.

Paul Supat,
FAIR President


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For questions regarding your contract or possible grievances, first contact your Steward.

If you're not sure who your Steward is or you still have questions, please see the list of Regional Vice Presidents linked below. Your Regional Vice President, who has a direct line to the Executive Committee should the need arise.

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